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Haanesha “Sol ChYld” Smith - Johnson was born March 16, 1999 in Camden, New Jersey. Sol and her siblings were raised by her mother along with a tremendous amount of contribution from her grandparents as well. With the help of a poetry coach, Sol began her journey of writing in the 7th grade. She studied Dance from grades 8-12 at Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy. Although known today as a notable recording artist, Sol has dabbled in other art forms. Playing alto saxophone in Camden High School’s Marching Band and honing her lyrical abilities as a spoken word artist with the high school poetry collective (The Circle of Poets) are just a couple. Sol ChYld never put limits on herself as she played basketball, ran track and field and worked as a lighting technician for CAMVA. After graduating high school, Sol left for college. After meeting financial debt, she returned to her hometown, Camden, New Jersey and began creating music. At the age of 20, she released her highly anticipated debut project, “For The Sol”, on October 11, 2019. Throughout the project, she touched on topics such as drug abuse, dropping out of school, her views on the world around her, love and her experiences as an adolescence growing up in Camden, as discussed in a fan favorite track, “Hood Knowledge”